Welcome to Reading Rescue Ontario, a non-profit organization devoted to teaching reading to all struggling readers. We specialize in working with children and adults who have Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities.

Our program provides one to one instruction to students in a sequential and organized manner.

The program is designed by Linda Soehner, B.A., M.Ed. It is a combination of old practices, which have been modified to suit these particular students, and new methods influenced by the latest research:

  • “Overcoming Dyslexia” by Sally Shaywitz
  • “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge
  • Research by Marcel Just on “using the plasticity of the brain to gain an educational improvement” (‘Neuropsychologia’, Aug. 2008)

Our program provides:

  • direct and systematic teaching that will enhance reading, reading fluency, and reading strategies
  • training in word recognition, decoding skills and spelling enhancement
  • three different teaching styles; visual, auditory and tactile to ensure every student’s way of learning is accommodated
  • every lesson will include the needed resources for follow-up learning at home
  • upon your first visit, the instructor will do an assessment to appropriately place the student in our program

Reading Rescue is offered in two parts:

Every student will begin with Part One of the program to achieve a solid foundation and begin to build reading mastery.

Part Two will begin when Part One has been completed and understood.

Part Two contains sections on syllabification, obscure phonics, prefixes, suffixes, parts of speech and spelling rules.